Top 5 Social Media Stories 20th January 2014

Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback



1) There is no SEO without mobile SEO6

Why it matters: With the current trend for search engines receiving more and more mobile and tablet traffic, it is becoming increasingly important for your website to be mobile friendly. Have you considered mobile specific ads from Google?

Importance Level: 6/10

2) How to Create a Prioritised SEO Action Plan5

Why it matters: An SEO action plan will allow your business to slowly push up the Google rankings through regular blog posts, engaging content and ensuring your page works the way that both you and your customers intent. Read about how to set out your action plan, including key areas of focus.

Importance Level: 5/10

3) Learning from Past Mistakes. Top 5 Mistakes People Made in 20145

Why it matters: Start of 2014 on the right foot by learning from other peoples past mistakes. In Marketing We Trust have searched the web for some of the most common and basic mistakes that are still overlooked by many in-house marketers. Ensure you do not fall into the traps.

Importance Level 5/10

4) Moz’s Beginners Guide to Social Media5

Why it matters: Perfect for newbies to the social media landscape or when you need to show a client the basics of social media. Moz goes into detail how social media can be beneficial for SEO.

Importance Level 5/10

5) The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette2

Why it matters: Some people consider LinkedIn as a business Facebook. While some comparison can be made between the two, what is acceptable on Facebook is not transferable to LinkedIn. Read these top tips for Job Seekers, Recruiters and PR Professionals.

Importance Level 2/10

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