Top 5 Social Media Stories 18th March 2013

Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and  how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback

Importance Factor Ranking

1)   Beyond Social Scoring – Situational Factor of Influence

Why it matters: clearly explain the how social networks work and what happens behind it. The article also states how we score each platforms based on different metrics

Importance level: 8

2)   The curious case of Facebook’s innovation dilemma

Why it matters: The article clearly identifies consumer behavior in the virtual world and how Facebook and other platforms react to that. It is important to understand where their audience in order to improve themselves in the future.

Importance level: 5

3)   Social Media: Are You Listening To Your Customers?

Why it matters: The article provides number of interesting facts that how much businesses should listen to their customers and which part they need to improve. In addition to that, businesses can understand more about their customers.

Importance level: 6

4)   10 Ways to Support Your Content Marketing

Why it matters: The importance of email marketing though we thought it was an old fashion-marketing tactic.

Importance level: 6

5)   Imagining a World Without Cookies –  What Marketers Do?

Why it matters: how cookies are useful for marketers and its importance

Importance level: 5

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