Top 5 Social Media Stories 17th February 2014

Find last weeks top reads about Social Media and how changes and innovations can help or affect your business. We look forward to your comments and feedback


1) The real value of buying likes on Facebook7

Why it Matters? Did you know that buying likes through Facebook is actually harming your page? Even through legit paid methods via Facebook itself. The best way to push your Facebook page is to engage your audience with quality content which magically boosts your own website as well!

Importance Level: 7/10

2) What Social Media Sites You Should Be On and Why?6

Why it Matters? The number one rule of choosing what Social Media sites to engage on is to be where your audience is. Are you matching this checklist of social media sites and reaching your target audience? Or is your target audience not 100% identified or optimised?

Importance Level: 6/10

3) The New Rules of Online Video Advertising4

Why it Matters? With the future looking evermore like a digital shift, online video advertising will play a major role in replacing more traditional forms of advertising. Use these tips to promote your business through online video advertising and take the front foot in your industry.

Importance Level: 4/10

4) The impact of Ampersand in Search3

Why it Matters? Do you know the impacts Ampersands have in your search results? Are your customers searching for Itchy and Scratchy, or Itchy & Scratchy? There is no preset answer. Typically, for brand names, the ampersand is more popular whereas people asking questions into Google type the full ‘and’. How Ampersand optimised is your websit’s keywords?

Importance Level: 3/10

5) How to Promote An Event Through Social Media2

Why it Matters? For some businesses, events are the bread and butter of your engagement with your customers. Learn how to promote both B2B and B2C events through social media.

Importance Level: 2/10

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