We know all too well the challenges organic search teams face in a large organisation. Lack of tech resources, disjointed systems, sample data and of-course, difficulties to forecast the impact of activities and building case studies.

In Marketing We Trust team has been working with mega sites like eBay, Expedia, Salesforce and more for many years. A number of our teammates come from the in-house side so they are all too familiar with the challenges you are dealing with and are use to think like an SEO manager

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Why We Are Trusted


Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) Focused

Our goal is to help execute and prove the return on your marketing investment because we understand that no matter the budget and targets you have, you still need to present that case study and send your monthly report.

When starting with us, we will work on tackling issues that will drive the most impact in the first few months, helping you show progress and relieve the internal scrutiny on whether what we are doing is working.


Client story: convincing senior management to give SEO team 5x more budget

One of our enterprise clients was struggling to get budgets and resources prioritised for SEO/Inbound. Often being overtaken by Media request to make sure banner ads were working…

Our approach was 2 folds:

Show SEO can drive results
Forecast impact and present a solid business case

1. Show SEO can drive results

We picked our battles. Took low hanging fruits, typically money pages ranking at the bottom of page 1, top of page 2 that could deliver results under 3-4 weeks.

Nothing ground-breaking but we knew it would work: Spotted better keywords and on-page optimisation, created new content (text and multimedia), made sure pages contained microformats, localised speed optimisation, repurposed some internal/external links

2. Forecast impact and present a solid business case

We created credible forecasts in collaboration with their BI, finance and PPC team. Developing scenarios and likely impact of a set of actions.

Using PPC activity we were able to extrapolate a potential gain of visibility against increase organic leads and sales. We crossed referenced competitors to evaluate keyword footprint expansion and how much the team would save by getting Middle of the funnel (MOFU) traffic and leveraging CRM+ Retargeting. 

We then packaged a number of action items that would most likely drive visibility up for a section of the site, applied a conservative estimate for any large scale tech changes and worked on a 12-16 weeks basis for any links/authority signal impacts.

As we would not be invited to present, we worked on this project alongside our client and coached her on questions likely to be asked by her leadership team.

We ensure all our forecast were sound and included basics such as seasonality, margin variation, planned product mix changes and yield for a period of 12-18 months.

As a result of having a solid framework to present commercial output, the organic team budget grew 5x compared to the previous year and the team was able to hire a front end and backend devs dedicated to organic.

We devised a short-term validation plan in a sprint style (test, learn, iterate) to ensure we could report on impact and gain confidence from the senior management team. From there on, we worked with the team to tackle larger issues and set up a long-term plan to overtake their competitors.

We Get Large-Scale SEO

Whether its a highly technical SEO problem that requires solid business case and conversation with tech teams/DevOps or the ability to forecast the impact of our work, we’re up for the task.

We break down problems and come up with solutions that fit your situation and do not rely on your internal resources. Only when absolutely needed, we ask for minimum support and provide a quantified impact of our work.


Client story: Working in-house & recruiting our replacement

One of our fast-growing enterpise SEO clients had their organic channel manager leave shortly before their peak period.

We knew this could be quite bad for their business, so we rolled up our sleeves, got our seniors to spend days directly in the client office, managing the SEO team, bringing our own juniors to assist.

In the meantime, we worked with the client’s HR department to recruit someone that could step in and “take the SEO out of the basement” and connect with the rest of their marketing team. We elevated the role to Head of SEO/Inbound, found the right candidate, transition back to a support role and helped with strategy, training/foster the team and assist with more technical issues.

Thanks to our help (and the hard work of their team), the SEO channel went from 10k visits a month to 200k visits per month.

For In-house, From In-house, By In-house

We have more of an in-house team mentality than an Agency one. Being independent gives us the opportunity to focus on quality and long-term relationships rather than hitting monthly revenue targets for a holding company.

A number of our senior members have gained their expertise and experience in an in-house environment working with large-scale tech companies.


Client story: Building Industrial Grade Crawler & Analyser

Client and us struggled to find a good crawler to do an effective job at crawling, tagging and analysing internal links for millions of URLs across multiple countries and websites.

We created our own crawling, analysis and recommendation solution with open access from our AWS instance into their Data warehouse.

This gave the product team the opportunity to devise a solution to update automatically their internal linking based on the most relevant pages for a given country or site.


What Our Clients Say

“Coming from an agency environment myself, I was a bit dubious of any SEO company working for me as a client. Turns out that Freddy Chanut and the team at In Marketing We Trust are more than just an agency that delivers work. They are truly committed to understanding and doing the right thing for our channel and our business.

With their help we have fixed and reduced our risk of future penalties, created engaging content and increased our SEO leads by 95% YoY.

“The team at In Marketing We Trust, led by the very knowledgeable Frederic, has been working with Expedia since 2014 and has helped us uncover and fixed a number of on site issues across our 18 million page website. Their deep understanding of complex sites’ issues and pragmatic approach to enterprise SEO in an autonomous fashion helped me deliver results while allowing me to focus on some other matters.

I would highly recommend In Marketing We Trust to anyone looking to succeed in Digital, and Search in particular.”