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Life as an SEO

It doesn’t take very long to get a feel for what life is like here in the wild west of digital marketing. I’ve been at In Marketing We Trust for roughly 6 or 7 months and as I reflect on the last few tumultuous and exhilarating months, I thought I’d share some of the nuances, hard truths and memories of SEO in the form of GIFs (pronounced  “jif”). To the fun loving and unique bunch of individuals that is the SEO community, I say thank you for the following highlights that we can all probably relate to:

Friends are exctied!
How excited you felt on your first week.

Is there food here?
Probably the most important question regarding any agency office.

Not Sure If
When you get a LinkedIn request from someone you’ve never met.



angry cat
When your newly accepted LinkedIn connection sends you a templated InMail sales pitch.

Please. Stop. 

I have no memory of this place.
When your favourite SEO tools get a design change.

devil laugh
Thinking about your unprepared competitors as the Google “Mobilegeddon” Update approached.

Chang knows whats up.
When someone tries to explain their fishy SEO activities. 

When your client mentions a site migration.

Spongebob Nope
Getting an alert saying that your client’s site has seen a significant traffic drop.

Dream a little bigger darling.
When the existing content marketing strategy just isn’t good enough

Doing the Carlton.
The feeling of seeing your site ranking #1 for a high volume keyword.

Whenever you see or hear the words “I Binged It”.

Dr Evil
How you pictured the Google execs when you learned that Google+ was a ranking factor.

thats a paddlin
When you first started learning about Google’s algorithm changes.

wwe excited
When link bait about link bait inspired all kinds of crazy, creative content ideas.


Just Do it Shia

When you’re first told to do some link building.

The feeling of getting your first link from a high DA site.

Why am I So Sad
When that link ended up being rel=nofollow.

My feels...
When PR companies get your company/site/content featured but they forget to put a link.

I Need Help
The realisation that you’re just not that good at link building.

Sheldon is pleased
When your content finally gets shared by an influencer.

Swanson regrets nothing.
That feeling at the end of the day.

Got any other moments or “feels” that you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments! Better yet – give it to us in gif form!

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  1. Loved this, definitely put a smile on my face this Monday morning.

    How about a gif for that feeling when a potential influencer/website/blog asks you “Is this for a client?” when you submit a piece of content?

    1. Cornelius Do

      Unfortunately I haven’t had the same experience 🙁 but I assume it’s somewhere along the lines of:

  2. shrutim8591

    Cornelius Do – It’s right, This is SEO life, I am SEO / Digital marketing specialist in India. My Office Friend always told me, you are enjoying whole day, and your website rank on 1 page! ;)…. How can do this! How do did?

  3. Haha great post!
    This captures so much of the emotions (and facial) expressions of exactly how it was starting out and still now…

    Great work – made me smile! 🙂

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