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What does being a Google Marketing Platform Partner mean?


In Marketing We Trust is a Google Marketing Platform Partner (previously known as Google Analytics Certified Partner). We deploy, manage and improve your marketing analytics programs. We can help you enrich Google Analytics data with third party data sources including your CRM, booking systems, guest management and even weather data to analyse holiday booking patterns. Our clients gain a competitive edge through richer data analysis and better insights.

This accreditation is not just handed out to anyone. In Marketing We Trust had to go through a stringent application process whereby Google looked into our processes, depth of knowledge, number of qualified team members and client successes to the point that Google was satisfied that In Marketing We Trust was up to their very high standards.

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, Google requires In Marketing We Trust to stay up to date on all things Google. This ensures that we are on top of the latest information and technology, allowing us to help you with your Google Analytics and conversion optimisation.


How we help you


Analytics Audit & Strategy

Comprehensive audit of your current analytics setup. We map your site to match your marketing goals and give a complete picture of your activity.

Tag Management

We implement all your analytics, conversion tracking and remarketing tags in Google Tag Manager.

Analytics Implementation

Whether you’re starting from scratch or migrating, we can create a Google Analytics strategy that matches your KPIs.

Advanced Analysis

We analyse your data to get a clear customer picture so that you know where to invest your budget and get a greater ROI.

Ads Setup & Monitoring

We can create, implement and monitor your ad campaigns to get more traffic and achieve a higher conversion rate.

Testing & Optimisation

We conduct A/B and multivariate testing to personalise user experience and improve your conversion rate.


We provide intelligent reporting, combined with dashboarding and visualisation in Google Studio so you can understand your data and campaign performance.

Your Line to Google

We can directly engage with product experts at Google to help you get the most from their tools and create the right configuration for your business.

Analytics Training

We provide advanced analytics training for travel brands. Our course was created by our analytics specialists who teach for Google.