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July 28, 2021
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First-party world problems: Future-proof your business with first-party data

Collecting and strategically activating first-party data has never been more important and it’s the businesses who are preparing for the change of cookies in their business decision-making processes that are winning today.

In this webinar with our Head of Growth, Selina Gough, you will learn:

  • How businesses can formulate strategies to collect relevant data
  • How to utilise first-party data to provide value to consumers
  • How first-party data improves reporting, marketing budget utilisation and marketing decision making

Your Speaker

Selina GoughSelina Gough

Head of Growth at In Marketing We Trust

Selina has 10 years of experience in helping businesses reach their goals and KPI’s through digital growth strategies, spanning across SEO and paid media tactics.

Your Host

Paul Hewett

Commercial Partner at In Marketing We Trust

Currently obsessing over a new mission – creating a nimble global digital marketing and analytics consultancy which outperforms the multi-nationals on every measure (AKA In Marketing We Trust).

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