If your analytics is not properly implemented, you are risking your business by operating in the dark.

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Why Analytics?

Web Analytics is the modern day accounting. A complete and thoroughly implemented analytics setup will bring you piece of mind and clear understanding of your online presence. 


We Can Help You:

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

A proper Google Analytics setup will allow you to measure the return on your marketing investment (ROMI) as well as implement channel attribution.

Improve Experience and Conversion

Correctly analysing your analytics data will allow you to take actions to improve your conversion rate as well as the general experience of your site’s users.

Address Technical Issues

A proper setup of Google Analytics can also allow you to identify bugs that need to be fixed, safety risk as well as identifying bots and spammers.

Make Better Decisions

Most importantly, an expert Google Analytics implementation will provide you with valuable insights for your business and allow you to pinpoint opportunities. Thus giving you and your business stronger decision making capabilities.


Why In Marketing We Trust?



Google Partner


Qualified Experts

We are Google Partnersqualified to bring you up to industry standards for Google Analytics by helping you analyse your data, upgrade your tracking setup and by digging deeper than most into your implementation.

We help you uncover user intentions, recognise trends, identify errors in your website and fill gaps in your understanding. Through an initial audit, we break down your analytics and tracking setup and identify weaknesses in your goal and user tracking. We then go beyond just errors and broken pages, breaking down channels, examining bounce rates, monitoring key goals, events and technology trends.

Learn more about our Google Analytics Partner Certification.

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Advanced Solutions

We’ve proven that our technical capability extends beyond just understanding how Google Analytics works as we’ve even developed a tool for Google Analytics users to get a more efficient and effective experience. We use it as part of our on-boarding process.

Give Check My Analytics a try for free and run a report that dissects your Google Analytics implementation and provides a report on your setup, where to improve and relevant guidance on how to do it as well as some handy behavioural checks.

It is also featured in the official Google Partners App Gallery.

Partnership Oriented

Partnership & Project Oriented

We are not like other agencies who leave you after the job is done without any clue about how to proceed. At each step of the way, we teach and learn together. Your team will be able to function independently after we’re done. Lastly, we go “beyond the brief” if anything extra pops up.


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