Link Earning (A Safer Version of Linkbuilding)

LinkBuilding is dead, Long lives Link Earning

You too believe that links should be earned not built?

Aren’t you tired of the same old sub-par linkbuilding package? We don’t believe a squidoo lens and 300 directory submissions will do the trick. With the latest release of the Penguin update we can honestly say that old spam is dead and we are very very happy about it! We are SEO experts that believe SEO profits are the result of great marketing not just spam some blackbox in california.

The good thing is Matt Cutts, the head of Google spam team is with us on that:

“…the objective isn’t to “make your links appear natural”; your objective is that “link are natural” Matt

Over 200 Link Earning tactics

We collected over 200 different marketing tactics ranging from 1-2 weeks, no dependencies, easy to implement  to half yearly plan involving weekly meetings and half the company.

Over 200 Marketing tactics

But Link Earning is hard…

Yes Link Earning is not as easy as pressing 3 buttons and hoping for a miracle. Links are the most important ranking factor for SEO ranking precisely because of their inherent difficulty, creating a differentiation between the good companies and the not-so-good ones.

[pullquote_right]We are big fans of the lean model, small steps to get you going and build momentum as we develop partnership with clients[/pullquote_right]Setting up a whole series of tactics can be a daunting task but not all link earning tactics need to require mass amount of resources and planning. Some of the marketing tactics are based around obvious opportunities the business has missed as it developed organically, some others could remind you of a Hollywood movie set (or a Bollywood one if you are into dancing)

Custom Designed Link Earning Plan

For advanced link earning solutions, we create custom made plans  and strategies specialy designed for our clients.

We take into account :

  • Current performance
  • Objectives and resources 
  • Industry profile
  • Competitors (everyone loves stalking their nemesis)
  • Trends and opportunities
  • Strategic alignment with company objective
  • Other Marketing channel
  • Existing content and assets

Set prices and link targets?

Because we do custom plans for our clients we do not have set link packages. Links targets is always a tricky point, typical linkbuilding campaigns hover over 2% success rate.

Creating an original marketing campaign has the inherent risk that it may not work as well as anticipated. We reduce the risk by starting small and growing our campaign as we progress. This gives us the confidence we are not wasting time and resources on ineffective solutions. Still, we will do our best to estimate the work required and aim for specific targets when appropriate.

Our Link earning rate is $120/hr. 

Save yourself from the next Google Penalty, Start Earning links today


Proof it works?

In SEO, lots of folks, say a lot of things without much backing. The image below is one our client backlinks profile, out of the top 50 linking domains, we got 35 including AOL, Forbes, Nature, AU & US gov sites, Columbia Uni, etc…

Yep, you got it, we are bragging and shamelessly so 😉 but again, this success came with some sweat and tears.

Advanced Linkbuilding for client - shameless bragging