Top 10 Examples of Twitter Vine for Business

What is Twitter Vine?

If Intagram allows us to share photos, with Vine we can share videos. This new application is not only available on mobile devices but also on computer/laptop. It allows us to quickly capture six-second videos and share it with the world. It can be considered as a whole new platform, a potential tool for businesses to communicate with their target audience.

Top 10 examples

A lot of big brands such as Cadburry, Lego, Toyota or even small businesses, music bands, non-profit organizations are using Vine to advertise their new product, also to raise brand awareness. No doubt this is a simple and effective application to reach out to the audience.


McDonalds on Vine Cadburry using Twitter Vine Toyota using Vine
Another way to start new game
A great way to explain how to use a product  Vine with Toyota
Redvines by Vine Media company using Twitter Vine
Cherry Flavour with Vine Axwell Concert in Sydney  Crowd Media
Lego on Twitter Vine Another example on Twitter Vine Enjoy the Moose tracks on Vine
 Lego Logo on Vine  6 seconds with Urban Outfitters  Moose Tracks
General Electric Twitter vine Example
 General Electric
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